Bernafon True Stories

Jean-François Bérard, head chef in La Cadière-d’Azur, France

An ingredient for success

Jean-François is owner of and head chef at a trendy Michelin-starred restaurant on the French Riviera. While running a successful kitchen demands a careful balance of experience and creativity, it also calls for strong communication and organizational skills. As a child, Jean-François lost 80 % of his hearing abilities, but he was determined not to let it get in the way. Now, with industry-leading technology, his Bernafon hearing aids give him optimal speech understanding in noise-filled environments so that he can orchestrate his tasks with confidence, ease, and style.

Real-time amplification in fast-changing environments

Integrated on a remarkably powerful microchip, the latest generation of Bernafon hearing aids uses a combination of systems that simultaneously analyze and adapt to the sound environment you find yourself in. The result is real-time amplification and optimal speech understanding in quiet and in noise.

Wireless connectivity

Thanks to the latest Bluetooth® Low Energy technology, Bernafon hearing aids can be used like stereo headphones to get the sound from your phone, TV and other audio sources right into your ears with just a few taps of the smartphone.

Stories from people with hearing loss

A man called Dietmar Ludewig working with his hands.

When communicating with clients and architects it is very important for me to understand what is being said. (…) thanks to Bernafon hearing aids, I can perceive what is being spoken again - normally.

Dietmar Ludewig

Independent craftsman, Switzerland

A smiling blonde woman called Virginie Delalande sitting in an outdoor cafe.

Compared to other products that I've worn before, my Bernafon hearing aids have given me a better perception of sound diversity.

Virginie Delalande

Lawyer, coach, and motivational speaker, France

Alan Robinson Bernafon hearing aid user.

Wearing the Bernafon hearing aids I can hear the birds, the planes going over head - everything sounds so clear.

Alan Robinson

City councilor, England