Bernafon True Stories

Dietmar Ludewig, independent craftsman in Bern, Switzerland

Nature is an inspiration

Meet Dietmar, a skilled craftsman making metal artwork in Switzerland's capital city, Bern. His job pushes him out of the workshop and into nature where he finds the inspiration to make every project special and unique. Packed with smart technology, his Bernafon hearing aids help him make sense of the sounds around him - no matter if it's deep in the woods or at the workbench discussing a client's order.

Real-time sound processing

Bernafon hearing aids do more than boost soft sounds and reduce loud ones. They're intelligent devices that analyze the sound environment you find yourself in and dynamically adjust to changes as they happen. Get used to a fuller sound experience in your favorite places.

Leading technology

Understanding speech helps us connect with the people that matter and lets us take part in those moments we don't want to miss out on. Combining the industry's most advanced hearing technologies with more than 75 years of company know-how, Bernafon hearing aids make sure speech and other important sounds are just as they should be. Because it's more than better hearing, it's what comes from it.

Stories from people with hearing loss

Alan Robinson Bernafon hearing aid user.

Wearing the Bernafon hearing aids I can hear the birds, the planes going over head - everything sounds so clear.

Alan Robinson

City councilor, England

A smiling blonde woman called Virginie Delalande sitting in an outdoor cafe.

Compared to other products that I've worn before, my Bernafon hearing aids have given me a better perception of sound diversity.

Virginie Delalande

Lawyer, coach, and motivational speaker, France

A man called Jean François Bérard seen in profile.

Bit by bit, I’m hearing better and better, I’m well adapted to working in everyday life, and with people.

Jean-François Bérard

Head chef, France