A fuller music experience

Music enriches life in so many ways. All your clients’ music – live, recorded, or streamed – will come alive with the Music Experience program, which uses a unique algorithm specifically designed to optimise live, played, recorded, and streamed music.

Inspiration in every note

With the Music Experience program, your clients will savour each note with high-quality, precise, and balanced sound – whether they’re playing or listening to music. Bernafon has a long history of providing an exceptional music experience. And we’re always building on that success to make your clients’ music experience even better.

Superior sound quality

In the past, hearing aid users needed two programs for different types of music listening situations. The Music Experience program does it all in one dedicated solution, so your clients get easy access and handling for all types of music experiences. The program optimally processes music thanks to the real-time and high-precision sound analysis of Smart Sound Processing.

A balanced music experience

Combined with Smart Sound Processing, the unique music algorithm amplifies all types of music more transparently for accurate sound reproduction. It uses an independent compression scheme to amplify the broader frequency and dynamic range of music sounds. This preserves the precision and tonality of music for a richer sound experience.

Richer sound with low-frequency extension

The Music Experience program can now transmit deeper bass sounds to the ear with amplification down to 80 Hz, giving your clients a sensation of better sound richness. The upgraded Low Frequency Enhancer is optimised to improve sound quality and precision when streaming music.

Musicians confirm the excellent performance of Music Experience

85% of this challenging user group preferred Music Experience over the standard speech program. They liked it better when listening to live, recorded, or streamed music. And they favoured it when playing music because of improved music timbre, instrument recognition, and instrument intonation.*

*2021: Based on clinical trial data acquired at Bernafon AG, Bern Switzerland

“I can finally hear the small differences between my finger positions on the instrument which I never heard before. My instrument sounds much better, especially in the higher frequencies. The music sounds warmer and fuller.”

- Musician’s feedback from clinical trial

Andreas Schmid, recreational viola player from Bern, Switzerland.

Andreas Schmid, recreational viola player from Bern, Switzerland

“I like the music program [in it] best. It allows me to hear my instrument and the conductor better.”

Why is music important?

Research indicates that music has the power to affect people’s wellbeing. It creates a certain atmosphere and influences the listeners' emotions. Music can trigger memories of the past and help people to relax. Studies show the positive effects of music through:

... boosting the listener's mood1

... reducing stress2

... and stimulating the memory3

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Become an expert in fitting for better music enjoyment

The Music Experience program has been developed with expert knowledge to process music optimally. Nevertheless, the program offers additional flexibility to personalise it to your client’s needs. Musicians can especially benefit from additional fine-tuning. Start now with the help of a list of tips and instructions to adjust Music Experience in Oasisnxt fitting software.

Pioneering the way music is processed in hearing aids

Bernafon enjoys a successful legacy in processing live music and maximising the benefits of hearing aid technology for hearing-impaired musicians. Research audiologists working at Bernafon have published regularly in this field for many years.

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