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Why choose Bernafon hearing aids?

  • Clear and natural sound in complex situations
  • Optimal speech understanding in noise
  • Wireless connection to external audio sources


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Viron is Bernafon's first True Environment Processing™ hearing aid.
Simply closer to reality.

  • Understand more when enjoying precious moments with your friends, even in noisy places*
  • Feel more comfortable with the natural and true sounds of your environment*
  • Enjoy freedom with the easy-to-handle Viron rechargeable hearing aids
  • Follow conversations more easily so that you can concentrate on the topic at hand*
  • Enjoy the flexibility of sound streaming from your smartphone, TV, or other modern devices into your hearing aids

* 2017: Based on clinical trial data acquired at Bernafon AG, Bern Switzerland

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Zerena in-the-ear hearing aids. Small in size. Big on everything else

  • Compact and almost invisible
  • Custom-made for secure fit and comfort
  • Audiological performance that keeps up with your lifestyle


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