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Innovative Dynamic Feedback Canceller

The new Dynamic Feedback Canceller (DFC) feature in DECS is particularly adept in avoiding feedback that is caused by dynamic movements. It analyzes input signals up to 126,000 times per second and eliminates feedback signals at high speed, so that feedback does not become an issue for users.

DECS at a glance

Dynamic Environment Control System, or DECS, uses a combination of systems to ensure True Environment Processing, where analysis and adjustments of the amplification happen in real-time. Five hero features lead the way:


Continuous Environment Detection
analyzes the environment with high-speed and precision.

Dynamic Noise Management
or DNM effectively removes noise without adversely affecting speech.

Dynamic Amplification Control
or DAC continuously measures the speech-to-noise ratios and directs the information to Dynamic Speech Processing.

Dynamic Speech Processing
or DSP accurately amplifies the signal based on level and the dynamic environment information received from DAC.

Dynamic Feedback Canceller
or DFC eliminates feedback signals at high speed, so that feedback does not become an issue for users.

User benefits

DECS does not use hard classification boundaries. It instantly detects and processes sound to provide users with the most realistic sound experience possible. DECS...

  • ... improves speech understanding in challenging listening situations

  • ... provides maximum listening comfort in highly noisy places

  • ... reduces listening effort

  • ... assures that whistling sounds do not become an issue

Training Tool

Use this tool to explore how the individual features of Bernafon's DECS™ technology work.

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DECS Training Tool

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