Bernafon Webinars

Leox 7 on WSIB: Be Spontaneous

In this webinar recording we will review Bernafon’s new Super and Ultra Power hearing aids called Leox 7. The features, styles and performance, connectivity and software that make up Leox 7 will be reviewed as well as why Leox 7 is the best option for your WSIB worker.

This webinar has been approved for 1 AHIP hour.

Leox: Be Spontaneous

Leox is Bernafon’s first Super Power and Ultra Power True Environment Processing™ hearing instrument. This one hour webinar will introduce you to the Leox family of hearing instruments by reviewing their style and performance while discussing features particularly important to power hearing aid users. Changes in Oasisnxt 2019.2 will be outlined so that clinicians can easily program Leox to match the power and preference needs of end users with severe and profound hearing losses.

This webinar has been approved for 1 CEU hour.

Bernafon Viron 7 on WSIB

This webinar reviews the Viron 7 hearing aid available for injured workers through WSIB. Viron 7 advanced technology provides True Environment Processing for a sound experience simply closer to reality, as well as specific features such as Frequency Composition, Tinniuts Sound Support and Bernafon’s new Dynamic Feedback Canceller, technology that is especially important for noise induced hearing losses. All Viron 7 styles will be reviewed, including the new miniRITE T Rechargeable with built in lithium-ion battery that provides a full day of use, including streaming activity. 

This webinar has been approved for 0.5 CEU from AHIP and IHS.